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The success of a company is based on a multitude of factors. Of these, none are more relevant than the members who represent the business. The growth and well-being of any company is a direct result of the  vast knowledge , unwavering loyalty, and daily triumphs  of  its gifted staff. For Jump Transport, this has never been more true. Our devoted team has decades of combined experience serving the transportation industry. Our members are highly educated, trained, and talented in each of their particular skillsets.  It is with profound appreciation we extend our gratitude for their contributions to both the  building years of the past and the prudent growth of the future.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Don and Tonia Stringer


The producers for our company are a hard working, dedicated group of men and women who never cease to amaze. They are a professional team who have been selected based on experience, safe driving, and professionalism. As a company operating within a specialized field of trucking, our drivers are extremely talented. Their skills are unique in transporting the diverse commodities of our customers. Fearless to the demands of their position, yet cautious for the safety of all, they continue to grow in the ever-changing industry of transportation.

Professional driving can be a challenge as it is an arduous career full of sacrifice. Many of the drivers have been with Jump Transport for nearly a decade, and several have been with the company for over a decade. We greatly appreciate and respect each and every one for their loyalty and commitment to the company and its invaluable customers.






Brian has served as the Operation's Manager for Jump Transport since 2004. He has extensive knowledge of the transportation industry while specializing in coordinating heavy and oversize loads. Upon his arrival to a growing company, and though, youthful in his career as a professional heavy haul driver, Brian quickly learned dispatching and management skills through which he assumed and commanded. Over nearly two decades, he has been irrefutably instrumental to the growth and expansion of the company and, in particular, its sister companies. He supervises and oversees all aspects of Jump Transport and its affiliates; assisting in all capacities and levels. 



Okc Dispatch


Safety Assistant

Serving as the companies first dedicated member of sales, Kelly came to Jump Transport in 2014. He has superior knowledge of moving machines and equipment in both the energy and construction fields. His career in these industries has taken him around the globe. Serving in the Middle East, he oversaw and managed a fleet of over 100 trucks. Among his many duties of assisting the Operation's Manager daily, he also dispatches the flatbed and one ton division of  Jump Transport while continuing to reach new customers. Kelly leads our team in diversity of loads, always willing to assist in any measure needed. He is an intricate piece of the daily operations for the company.


Texas Terminal Manager

Fernando joined Jump Transport as a heavy haul driver in 2017 but quickly advanced into management, now serving as the West Texas Terminal Manager. He has a passion for the trucking and transportation industry as he goes above and beyond daily to serve our customers. Fernando joins the Jump Transport team with an array of talents that made him an ideal candidate for this position, not only was it his background as a heavy haul driver, but he is also fluent in both English and Spanish. We are elated that Fernando has taken the reins of the West Texas terminal and look forward to witnessing Jump Transport continue to grow with his help.

Office Manager
Payroll Processor

Upon receiving her Master's degree from the University of Oklahoma, Caitlyn joined Jump Transport shortly after graduation. She moved through the ranks, proving her talents. As the company's key permit clerk, she is brilliant in accuracy, speed, and knowledge with which she obtains oversize permits. After 6 years of dedicated service, Caitlyn accepted the open position as Office Manager in 2020. Though faced with the challenges of a reduced staff due to the perils of a very difficult year, she evolved in grasping the position. As a manager, her flexibility to learn and accept new challenges makes her a key component to a successful company.



Permit Clerk

Accounts Clerk

Always easy with a smile, Nanci is accepting of any position required of her. In 2015, she began as an Accounts Receivables Clerk for the company. She has added full-time bookkeeper and clerk for one of Jump Transport's sister companies, Stringer Truck and Trailer Repair to her daily schedule. Though her background is not in the trucking or repair industries, she is ever eager to assist in any capacity that is required, and never shies from a challenge. It is for her flexibility that she also regularly assists as a permit clerk to Jump Transport.


Safety Director

Permit Clerk

Accounts Clerk

Marshall is the most recent addition in staffing. He joined the company in the spring of 2020 after receiving his Bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma. His tasks are many and plenty serving as the company's safety director, assistant permit clerk, and accounts payable assistant. He is ever willing to tackle new tasks dealt to him. He assists the sister company, Jump Towing and Recovery, where he performs the duties as an Accounts Receivables assistant. Eager to learn, he grows more knowledgeable every day through his assistance to the dispatch team and their drivers. His determination and youthful spirit bring a welcome balance to the companies. 

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